May 2020 is all about thanking everyone because now I have 100 followers and this post is all about being grateful and just thinking as I type.

The importance of being Sunny Leone, #blogging, #blog, 100 follows, T-20 or Sum1, Blessing In Guise, Discover Prompts, #grateful

I started blogging around 2010 and started on WordPress in 2017 oblivious to how to share or create an audience. Majority of my work or posts were centred around a movie or series reviews and that is why the body of my work is so COLOURFUL.

What really caught my fancy or how THE CHANGE came about is through Discover Prompts which was a Blessing In Guise considering it was about random topics that I wanted to post about and SHARE in equal measure.

Sure, I didn’t type every day when it was about a new topic but was consistent enough to express myself which gave a sort of creative satisfaction second to none as a hobby that I could build on.

Acceptance is what we crave since it’s about who we are as humans but equally important is to be true to oneself. Mass adulation is a weird amalgamation of projection and perception and you don’t always want to be playing to the galleries. As romantic as it may sound.

With great power comes great responsibility is a contemporary adage that fits the narrative.

I am neither good at nor do I want to share much of intimate/exotic stories though I tried a couple of times through The importance of being Sunny Leone and T-20 or Sum1. This is where I probably don’t want to add to the topic with my kid growing up but I do hope that the audience can have an Afterglow and in case there is a smile at the end of it then even better.

Here’s to many more stories and longer innings better than the previous one. Cheers!!!

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