Double Century

The title in cricketing parlance is clear but the same juxtaposed against this blog is about the 200th post that I am typing right now and it feels great.

I would like to share this occasion with all of you by showcasing what I believe is something worth it that I’ve put up till now.

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So here are seven posts from the years gone by which I feel are a testament to me as a blogger and being true to my roots with each post being about a category and the timeline. Enjoy!

  1. Nani – This is an obituary of my maternal grandmother(Nani in Punjabi) who passed away in December 2017 and seems apt as a continuation of my previous blog On the fence since adolescence. This was both heartfelt and emotional for me to express. I wrote this in February 2018
  2. Such is life – I don’t type too much poetry and for me, content is supreme when it comes to me as a blogger and when I think of myself as a viewer. This is something that I like reminiscing about in terms of prose as it was early for me in September 2010 on Blogger.
  3. Lost on Vacation – This is a trip with friends to Malana, Himachal Pradesh, India and so is a travelogue. I typed this in December 2010 on Blogger.
  4. Time Pasta – It is a humorous take on cooking and would give you a whole new tangent to the term CULINARY DELIGHTS. Wish I could replicate my funny bones through this post which was done in April 2011.
  5. Hair Intuit– This post is on human hair and was very abstract and personal for me at the same time as a topic since this was my way of dealing with cutting my hair as a Sikh. I typed this in July 2011.
  6. Guruji or something like it – This topic is typical of the Delhi traffic, in particular, the four-wheelers who have Guruji written on their windshields at the back and this was done in July 2017. I took a hiatus from blogging between 2013 and 2017.
  7. The White Tiger – This is a book review of the same name by Aravind Adiga who is a Booker Prize Winner. I read this book and subsequently the post in January 2018.

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