Make the most of now

No point crying over spilt milk tells us that make the most of now because you don’t know if you would be able to turn back time and utilize it better. There are many instances of going through the motions, bereft of plans for the day, aimlessly wandering when we look back and realize that the day could have been more productive.

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The reason for this post is because an acquaintance, Honey S. killed my 15 minutes due to his indecision and paranoia as he was unwilling to touch his mobile phone which had been touched and sanitized by a retailer. Honey was willing to wait for 96 hours before he touched his phone again.

Sure, the importance of being idle cannot be overemphasized and there are certain times when you want to let go after a hectic week or a trip with family over the weekend. However, are we making the most of what is on offer? The following factors are how NOT TO spend the time by dwelling on innuendo such as:-

  1. With the restrictions in full swing and pink slips and lay-offs galore, yours truly is also in the firing line in the near future, somehow the feeling of being shackled is over bearing at times with the curtailed freedoms.

2. To repent on the one hand is something I would not recommend because then you’re trying to second guess but on the other hand, to look back and learn from one’s mistakes or not repeat them is a sign of progression.

3. Procrastination is another folly where rather than working towards a plausible outcome we meander towards it by incorporating every distraction possible. Let there be no excuse at the end of it and the process in itself takes care of the result.

4. Making false promises to oneself about improving in the future is a futile exercise UNLESS you actually do something about it and take concrete steps slowly but surely towards the destination in a phased manner.

5. Ambition or working towards goals is a healthy incentive to leave the extra baggage behind and have the sole motive to accomplish a singular foot which is constructive and fruitful. For example, I have a four-year plan to save up and eventually buy a cafe racer bike in 2024 and hopefully, I shall accomplish the task without veering from the straight line.

I’d like to leave with a couple of sentences from Aerosmith – Full Circle

Time, don’t let it slip away,

Raise your drinking glass,

Here’s to yesterday

What holds you back or what is it that you plan to do in the near future with single minded devotion? Leave a comment and share your own experiences.

6 thoughts on “Make the most of now

  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think it’s easy for people to dither and hunker down a bit when they need to change–a bit of inertia, I guess. But looking backward, feeling nostalgia, or spending too much time in the future, I think is a temperament issue–one is inclined one way or the other. Now can be very alluring, though, and being there is good. It’s necessary to recognize your tendency and strike a balance. I also liked that piece on the sweet and sour shrimp, but didn’t comment there…

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    1. Hi, much appreciated for your insights and thanks for taking the time out. I agree with your perspective though I didn’t want to be too philosophical about what I wrote. It was a more a commentary of where we’re at coupled with this acquaintance who was on a weird tangent altogether. As I said, agree and identify with what you wrote on it.

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  2. The balance between being and doing. Being mindful is quite productive but being in fear, as you discussed, creates obstacles to our goals and relationships. Working towards a goal step by step is a good way to move forward in life. Make sure you post when you achieve your goal for that bike!

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