Not any given Sunday

This post is an amalgamation of a lot of things happening today, Sunday and so, here it goes. The English Premier League has a marquee clash or the Mersey side derby between Everton and Liverpool with the title almost decided in favour of the Kop(Liverpool). I think Potato Sandwich would do a better job of reviewing the match and the eventual crowning considering he’s been waiting for it the last 30 years, eh? The culmination of the season rather than the result of the match.

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Solar Eclipse

It is also the longest day of the year aka June Solstice so just in case you get the feeling that it is a drag today then you might as well take it as it is with no escaping from the fact. The ‘perfect’ solar eclipse for the next 11 years also happened today in India earlier and I saw a glimpse of it.

My physical exertions are next to zilch unless there is some sort of walking involved with my Missus and my son after dinner but this does not stop me from proclaiming that today is also the Yoga Day with a lot of fanfare across the world celebrating India’s contribution towards the mental, physical and spiritual well being. This day has been recognized by the UN and has been celebrated since 2015.

My favourite of the lot, the one event that I would be most likely to celebrate would be the World Music Day which is also celebrated today. It has its origins in France as La Fete de la Musique and celebrates both professional and amateur musicians and their respective contributions. I’ve had my share of singing as I used to be the lead singer of two different bands during college- Mary J and Surdistic and hence I identify the need to imbibe this form of revelry.

Now wait a minute if you thought it was the end of ‘it’ but there’s more. Today is Father’s Day as well. My dad is 71 and words can’t describe what he means to me. My world, my existence revolves around him and it is a pity that I can’t be more like him in certain aspects. His vision, IQ, attitude, exuberance, cooking, and a lot of other traits are second to none and I wish that he exceeds at least 80 though I’m not taking it for granted. Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for being there

Let me know what all are you celebrating or have already celebrated. Please share your thoughts and comments. Much appreciated.

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