Masked for marketing

The idea hit me when I saw the McLaren F1 Team sporting We Race As One face masks and I immediately shifted my attention to Amazon hoping to get a “branded” face mask which is the latest fad. Gone are the days when one would have masks to match what they’re wearing.

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Image courtesy Pexels

The recall value is a novelty in itself because a t-shirt or sleeve is passe when it comes to advertising. Instead, one would focus their attention on the other person’s eye level which would entail the face mask as well.

It also recognizes the brand associated with the face mask and you would as a result want to buy it as well if you “follow” the same brand. The branded face mask not only provides the necessary protection in #COVID time but also boosts the self-esteem of an individual who hankers for the ‘right’ mask.

You may want to ask a colleague in a virtual call if s/he’s wearing an Adidas face mask where s/he got it from which is an ice breaker in itself. Gone are the days when one used to talk about the weather just because the Monsoons were at the doorstep.

A lot of small companies are doing it right now and I see it building to a crescendo in the not too distant future. What would you like to have on your mask? Any brand in particular or you’d rather not wear it considering it is not about the restrictions anymore? Amitabh & Abhishek Bachchan are the latest victims of #COVID, hope it all works out well for them in the end.

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