The Salisbury Poisonings

The trouble with being jobless is that when I wake up, I’m already on the job. Needless to add, with the free time at my disposal, I would want to watch something not too lengthy, based on a true event, espionage, thriller, etc. and The Salisbury Poisonings was all that and more.

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This show is an adaptation of a real incident when the Russian Secret Service tried to poison an MI 6 operative in Salisbury in 2018 and its aftermath. The sheer audacity of the attack is what grips you from start to finish, not to mention, the potency of Novichok or “the newcomer” as a nerve agent and its deadly effects.

This series is short consisting of four episodes of around 45 minutes each and is available on Netflix taken from the BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation). I am not complaining since it has been ages since I watched something worthwhile on it. The series has a rating of 7.2/10 on but I thought it deserved more.

The cinematography is about the British locales and the countryside in aplomb ably supported by the cast who can showcase or recreate the horrors of the catastrophe that it could have been or was when it happened.

It is a good docu-drama with the right set of ingredients to have kept me engrossed. I would recommend it for sure. What have you been watching lately? Drop-in a comment with your favourite from recent times and I’m happy that you stopped by for this. Thanks!!!

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