Stand By Me

It was right after my twelfth standard or high school when I was preparing for my entrance exams to go to college did my father get me a desktop computer and internet was still dial-up in the year 2000. Napster was in its nascent stage and the first song that I downloaded on it wasContinue reading “Stand By Me”

After All, You’re My Wonderwall

First, the reason for writing a blog on a weekday and not the weekend is because I follow a blog on WordPress and it said that the blogger would give open topics for interpretation every day to write on. Yesterday, it was a joke and today the topic is open. Open for me is theContinue reading “After All, You’re My Wonderwall”

To hee hee or not to be

This blog is because I read somewhere that the reader had to write a blog on a joke or the last time the reader had a hearty laugh so here goes. Alex or yours truly is the best of friends with Vincent and boys will be boys. We discuss football, sports in general, booze, banter,Continue reading “To hee hee or not to be”


This is a movie review of one of the most talked-about movies in recent times, Parasite. Parasite won four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Picture in a foreign language but for me, it was definitely not something that was worth all the noise. Sure, storyline, direction and acting were good but in no wayContinue reading “Parasite”

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

With Europe taking over China as the hotbed of COVID-19 and India also in the midst of taking up the honours or definitely competing for it, reactions are aplenty but being the pessimist that I am, I see a recession coming as a worst-case scenario. An acclaimed economist in a leading daily could not fathomContinue reading “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures”


This movie would have won an Oscar if it wasn’t for Parasite in the Foreign language category even though it won big in the Sundance Film Festival. It is an engrossing tale of a female bee keeper in Europe who tries to eke out a living and maintain a balance with her environment when aContinue reading “Honeyland”

The Report

The Report is a movie from Amazon Studios and is a realistic portrayal of events post 9/11 and how the CIA operated its torture chambers with impunity, lack of accountability by subverting the law and hiding it from the general public. It is due to the concerted efforts of Daniel J. Jones, played admirably byContinue reading “The Report”


This is a review of an HBO mini series of the same name even though I watched it towards the end of 2019 after reading an innocuous looking article in the Times Of India where one of the Instragram Influencers posed for a snap in the ghost town of Pripyat in a bikini and tattooedContinue reading “Chernobyl”

EVC 3k Marathon

Cynthia, the Operations Manager at EVC Ventures, suffers from Cerebellar Ataxia and to create more awareness about the disorder, EVC organized its first 3k marathon. Out of 350 odd employees, around 30 volunteered to participate in the run after Friday’s shift between 6 am and 9 am. It was a pleasant morning with a gentleContinue reading “EVC 3k Marathon”

Best Phone In India Under 15,000

After considerable research of trying to find the best phone in the Indian market under the Rs 15,000 price range, I bought the Samsung M30s which definitely delivers with its specs and quality. With the mid-range segment being hotly contested with the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and other Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has upped theContinue reading “Best Phone In India Under 15,000”

Laureus Sporting Moment

The Laureus Sports Awards 2020 were recently held in Berlin and as a proud Indian, I had to write about the recognition bestowed by Laureus for it’s best sporting moment in the last two decades(2000-2020). Through this piece of reportage I would like to look back at the journey that eventually resulted in the winningContinue reading “Laureus Sporting Moment”

The Florida Project

This is a movie review of the title to this blog and at the outset, I would like to mention that it was not just critically acclaimed but also definitely worth a watch. The narrative is through the protagonist’s eyes, in this case, six-year-old Moonee, played by Brooklyn Prince, and how she spends one particularContinue reading “The Florida Project”


For the uninitiated, this is a movie review of 1917 and this movie got several accolades along the way including the nod for best Director for Sam Mendes. The movie has been shot in a single shot with an estimated budget of $100 million and a worldwide gross of $150 million approximately. The movie isContinue reading “1917”


If you’ve been following my blog then it would be no surprise to you that this is another movie review by yours truly. Unfortunately, the film falls short of expectations given the premier star cast even though it could have been a hard-hitting movie. Please don’t take me as an MCP(Male Chauvinist Pig) but somehowContinue reading “Bombshell”

Phantom Thread

This is a movie review keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day is another week away and continuing from where I left my last blog, this movie is as romantic as can be with great actors and Paul Thomas Anderson as the director. I think, Daniel Day-Lewis is hotter as Reynolds Woodcock compared to Vicky KriepsContinue reading “Phantom Thread”

Marriage Story

This is a movie review cum confession cum dedication towards the Valentine Day weekend coming up in part or at least in preparation of it. At 38(almost there), the definition of a romantic comedy and Feb 14 doesn’t really rhyme so this portion is dedicated to the movie about how a marriage breaks up andContinue reading “Marriage Story”

Uncut Gems

This is a movie review by the same name and the plot really isn’t rocket science when you have the protagonist as a hustler, gambler and jeweler in the same sentence. Rest assured, the movie is an interplay of characters slowly but surely building up to a crescendo and before I let out the ending,Continue reading “Uncut Gems”

5 Steps To A Voice Over Homestudio

The reason for writing this blog is to share how anyone reading this can set up a voice-over home studio for less than 7k INR(Indian Rupees) or less than $100 USD in five easy steps which is what I did. This is hoping that you would already have access to a laptop which would beContinue reading “5 Steps To A Voice Over Homestudio”

Top 7 on Amazon Prime Video India

This is content on the best on offer on Amazon Prime Video India without being biased about a particular genre but giving due regards to the quality on offer. The Salesman –  The movie was released in 2016 and is of Iranian origin. Let the language not be a barrier to compelling storytelling. It isContinue reading “Top 7 on Amazon Prime Video India”

Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood

Yes, this is a review of the movie by the same name which in recent times has been nominated for 10 Oscars and when the tagline of a movie states that it is the ninth film by Quentin Tarantino then I have two words for you, enough said. Quentin has come a long way fromContinue reading “Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood”


You don’t have to be Einstein to guess this is a review or better still, a tribute to the Joker which in recent times has been a path breaker for DC Comics as a “villain” outshining several heroes in the midst. Certainly, when it comes to box-office returns. Movies are a part of me asContinue reading “Joker”

The Red Devils Renaissance

The match ended yesterday with Manchester United winning 4-0 against the bottom- placed club Norwich City and we’ve heard it way too often this season. Have United finally turned a page, is this the real United, can United churn up such performances every week, does United have the consistency for the season? The first seasonContinue reading “The Red Devils Renaissance”

French 101

The reason for not having written in the last three and a half months is the reason why I’m typing this blog. Hopefully, the means justify the end. I learnt French again at Alliance Francaise in Delhi after having done it for six years in school. Knowledge is one thing that can be never takenContinue reading “French 101”

7 Movies On Netflix India Worth Watching

This instalment of the best movies on Netflix India is in continuation of the previous blog and I would like to point out that it is not a random exercise. I have a list of all the movies that I have watched till now and I am sifting through the best of the lot forContinue reading “7 Movies On Netflix India Worth Watching”

Top 7 Politically Correct Content On Netflix India

Better late than never when it comes to penning down thoughts in the form of a blog and what better way to do it than to spread the love through the top 7 content on Netflix that I would like to recommend to whomever who reads this. I have tried to be as objective asContinue reading “Top 7 Politically Correct Content On Netflix India”


A book review of Catch-22 is a difficult proposition but something I might as well try because of this gem of a book cannot go unnoticed without an opinion. It is a satirical work of fiction by Joseph Heller who creates Yossarian in the middle of a battle between 1942-1944 dring World War 2. ThereContinue reading “Catch-22”

Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s been more than a year that the movie was released and I for one have conflicting thoughts about it. I wanted to start off by giving it a heading called, “fall in love again” but then I juxtapose with the lead character Freddie Mercury and I am left bemused. First, the positives, the recreationContinue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Fine Dining And An Anniversary

There aren’t too many special occasions that we as a family go out of our way to celebrate but the one exception to the rule is when it comes to my anniversary. It gives us an excuse to dine out in the capital(Delhi) and I am yet to be disappointed with eating out considering itContinue reading “Fine Dining And An Anniversary”

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

It’s been ages since I read this one and my primary focus would be to do it justice as a book review because I thoroughly enjoyed it while reading. Absurd is a premise well associated with the book which eventually translates to the ‘understatement of the decade.’ Consider this as a start, right before theContinue reading “The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”

Two Nights And I Might

This actually happened with me a month or so back and the only word that I can equate it to is Utopia for there is nothing else that a man can ask for between his wants and desires. My shift is from 5:30 pm till 2:30 am since we cater to the Eastern Time ZoneContinue reading “Two Nights And I Might”

A Star Is Born

I’d like to begin the review of the movie, ” A Star Is Born” with a couple of different comparisons with the common denominator being the Oscars and those are:- 1. A Star Is Born is a musical odyssey in the fiction genre which will dominate this year’s ceremony common with the biographical Bohemian Rhapsody(Continue reading “A Star Is Born”

This Country Is Going To The Dogs

Elections around the corner, Promises being doled out in plenty, Country caught up in a world wind of stories, Is it really worthy of my time, am I getting senti? This country is going to the dogs   Jingoism ruling the roost, Unemployment taking a backseat, Where are the issues that we really care for?Continue reading “This Country Is Going To The Dogs”

12 Strong

This is a pending movie review considering nowadays it belongs to my reading when I can find the time and this is your quintessential war movie. If you’re in it for the thrills and spills, strong language, explicit action sequences with missiles and horses in the same frame then you won’t be disappointed. Not toContinue reading “12 Strong”

Great Expectations

This is a novel that I had heard so much about but never got a chance to read which is obviously why I am writing this now as a review. Students nowadays in Delhi schools have to read Khalid Hosseini or for that matter, my mom who had to read Shakespeare while in college alongContinue reading “Great Expectations”