R Time

Ram Leela Maidan 2011 Let’s shun inflation, corruption, munition, celebration, creation, elation, rationWhy? Beliefs and freedoms are a conspiracy of oneUtopia is what we aspire forNegative or Positive, govern us with an iron handFreedom to choose, practiceRight to education, informationThe cricket team has displaced 3-time defending championsR Time has comeMonetary gains, graft, fodder, telecom, mining, urban developmentSensex goingContinue reading “R Time”

7 Khoon Maaf

        Disclaimer: The following is a review of a movie(in bold) and may contain spoilers 7 Khoon Maaf Blood splattered all over, playing with a revolver, certainly not an end one would expect from marriage but that’s how Suzanna Anna Marie takes it(pun intended), one after the other, the marriage as well asContinue reading “7 Khoon Maaf”

Lost on Vacation

Loaded Friends from college, booze stacked up, comfortable SUV’s, headed towards pristine surroundings & you thought it couldn’t get any better? right?….. Hold on…Still sometime before leaving for office so I’ll try and pen it down. Off course circumstances don’t really help matters what with the hair refusing to let go or is it theContinue reading “Lost on Vacation”

Buzz Stop

D.T.C Medal hanging from the neck had just won an intraschool competition in memory of another brother (Khalistani, Sardar or just plain and simple Surd) who unfortunately had succumbed to a heart ailment. I had boarded the bus as an independent (no particular affiliations here)for the first time in school. It was a surreal experienceContinue reading “Buzz Stop”

World Cup and the Accompaniments

Vuvuzela “Please raise your hands who watched the world cup in the night and still managed to turn up for school today…..”, asked the disciplinarian school principal, proud not just for waking up till 4 in the morning but also one of the very few seventh graders who was actually listening, I had my armContinue reading “World Cup and the Accompaniments”