5 Steps To A Voice Over Homestudio

The reason for writing this blog is to share how anyone reading this can set up a voice-over home studio for less than 7k INR(Indian Rupees) or less than $100 USD in five easy steps which is what I did. This is hoping that you would already have access to a laptop which would beContinue reading “5 Steps To A Voice Over Homestudio”

French 101

The reason for not having written in the last three and a half months is the reason why I’m typing this blog. Hopefully, the means justify the end. I learnt French again at Alliance Francaise in Delhi after having done it for six years in school. Knowledge is one thing that can be never takenContinue reading “French 101”

Two Nights And I Might

This actually happened with me a month or so back and the only word that I can equate it to is Utopia for there is nothing else that a man can ask for between his wants and desires. My shift is from 5:30 pm till 2:30 am since we cater to the Eastern Time ZoneContinue reading “Two Nights And I Might”

Delhi 101

There are “Perks of being a wallflower” for yours truly since I am an Executive Assistant(EA) to the Managing Partner of a firm which is about Information Technology but the last few days have been a pain(understatement of the decade) considering I walked a tightrope between being an EA and a Personal Assistant. Right inContinue reading “Delhi 101”

Goa again in six days

 With the start of the holiday season in North America and a long weekend coming from Thursday and Friday would be holidays on the account of Thanksgiving, I decided to have a vacation with my family to the tried and tested Goa for six days. I had already booked my accommodation via Air B n B andContinue reading “Goa again in six days”

Jack of all trades, Master of Sum

This edition of my musings is dedicated to my father and my wish if only I could be ten per cent of the man that he is given his qualities since he is almost seventy and tonight was like no other. My shift timings are 6:30 pm to 3:30 am IST which basically means IContinue reading “Jack of all trades, Master of Sum”

Melodrama Inc.

This post is close to my heart because it is about the dichotomy that exists in my country and the kind of current affairs that is dished out in the name of news and the complete impunity with which news channels function with utter disregard for public sensibilities and only caring about the sensationalism. Today, IContinue reading “Melodrama Inc.”

Century and Counting

Ta Ta Tara, Ta Ta Tara… Couldn’t have come up with a better rendition than to celebrate my century of posts with Fall Out Boy’s cover of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner by the name of Century for a more contemporary feel. Been writing blogs since 2010 and boy has it taken a long time comingContinue reading “Century and Counting”

Belle Peeps

The Context- Just a disclaimer before I begin that this post is dedicated to my imagination, sixth sense and not my paranoia. Read between the lines or with a pinch of salt, hell! Make pickle for all I care. Anyways, I did my engineering as a B.E in Electrical and Electronics from a reputable instituteContinue reading “Belle Peeps”

To Pee or not to Pee

Couldn’t really think of ringing in the new year than to pen my thoughts, not to mention the compulsions of having an eight-month-old to look after or better still, better half does the needful and yours truly takes the credit! The Disclaimer- World over, right from the US to India, the rise of globalization hasContinue reading “To Pee or not to Pee”

God is life

I read a book; The power of your subconscious mind by Dr Joseph Murphy which comes in the non-fiction category and to write a book review would be myopic in outlook. Instead, inspired by the book, I want to share an incident for which I never thanked God enough and something that till now onlyContinue reading “God is life”

Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi

Exhibition Week offs are rotational and it is the time to reconnect with the family and generally speaking try and make the most of what is on offer. Being a ‘normal’ guy in my mid 30’s, the fascination for cars and gadgets brings up the often stated fact, “Boys will be boys” and I couldContinue reading “Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi”

The girl next door

We live in one of the better residential localities of Delhi with most of the amenities at our disposal right from the basic to the not so basic. Right in front of my flat is a small park and then a service lane for outbound traffic, a main road which has a fly over onContinue reading “The girl next door”


I am a part of the early eighties having been born during that time which makes me a Generation X and this was followed by the Millennials who constitute a different story altogether. Now with Perke being born just like any other parent, my trials and tribulations have started with my imagination running riot thinkingContinue reading “Farewell”

*Confessions of a Bi Polar grind-Part 2

Continued* Operation Salvage If Dad hadn’t found me on the road that day then I would have probably died there because going back did not cross my mind again. Compliments to dad’s acute observation powers because he was a few yards away from the road and was able to recognize me even though I hadn’tContinue reading “*Confessions of a Bi Polar grind-Part 2”

54 Days or Whats Left of it-Part 1*

I have deleted the same topic once because I wasn’t getting married so my family said that I shouldn’t put anything online which could be embarrassing in the long run or jeopardize my prospects going forward. Anyways, let’s see if my memory serves me correct and whether I can reconstruct everything as it happened. Let’sContinue reading “54 Days or Whats Left of it-Part 1*”

A street car named desire

Ford Ikon Around ten years back one of my best friends came up with a random question which was simple and yet something which I had no answer to. He had asked me which car was I interested in buying and I was left speechless primarily because I have been blessed to have been broughtContinue reading “A street car named desire”

The importance of being Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone Intercourse is taboo but for how long?Came up with one night stand not too long ago in the form of T-20 or Sum1 but that was a good five years back so here comes the next installment. Sex is the dominant thought if you’re a guy which does not necessarily overpower but dominatesContinue reading “The importance of being Sunny Leone”

Indian Accent

Eating out as a culture in Delhi has grown by leaps and bounds where people, irrespective of class or pocket make an effort to go for the quintessential Delhi snack like “Kulche Chhole” or “Gol Gappe” or fine dining restaurants that have sprung up all over town catering to different clientele under a few broadContinue reading “Indian Accent”

Moshe: Ma nish-ma?

My son was born on the 24th of April ’17 and I was left speechless. Words cannot describe what it felt like or what it meant but it had already begun. The cycle of life. Had a congregation in the house as tradition and customs say that the name of the baby would start withContinue reading “Moshe: Ma nish-ma?”

Guruji or something like it

Disclaimer- People with a religious bent of mind, orthodox views etc. Please turn away for fear of being rubbed the wrong way. I am entitled to my opinion and mean no disrespect to anyone including my own faith. These are tangents that needed an outlet that’s it! Ever noticed the back wind shields of DelhiContinue reading “Guruji or something like it”

Married & Living it(So Far)

What’s the right married age? I have a younger brother who married 3 years before me even though there is a difference of just a year between us. I finally got married in 2016 after trying for five years through social acquaintances, Jeevansathi.com(Dad’s efforts since the beginning) and Mom’s efforts on Shaadi.com.(for the latter 2Continue reading “Married & Living it(So Far)”

Shiva Ganga

Backpacks with formal shoes, suits in hand and baggage to boot. All 3 of us(Dua, Jat and yours truly) had packed in almost identical fashion for our trip of Benares and back. Unfortunately Jat’s better half Rujuta was not able to make it due to health issues. In hindsight, we missed a lady’s perspective throughoutContinue reading “Shiva Ganga”

R Time

Ram Leela Maidan 2011 Let’s shun inflation, corruption, munition, celebration, creation, elation, ration Why? Beliefs and freedoms are a conspiracy of one Utopia is what we aspire for Negative or Positive, govern us with an iron hand Freedom to choose, practice Right to education, information The cricket team has displaced 3-time defending champions R Time has come MonetaryContinue reading “R Time”