The Walk

This is a movie review of The Walk which is a real life story of Philippe Petit, a Frenchman, who walked a tight rope between the World Trade Centre Towers in 1974 which was a unique feat at the time and would remain so for an eternity considering 9/11. The movie has a decent ratingContinue reading “The Walk”

Operation Finale

This is a Netflix original film about the true story of the architect of the “Final Solution” Adolph Eichmann and how he was apprehended by Mossad agents in Buenos Aires, Argentina around 1960. Given the plot was Holocaust, the film could have been so much more but lacks in the pace and the overall effectContinue reading “Operation Finale”

The Dictator

Another movie in the Amazon Prime fold is The Dictator starring the irreplaceable Sacha Baron Cohen as Aladeen/ Efawadh but frankly, I did not enjoy one bit. The movie did not elicit a single laugh or even a smirk since I am hardly into slapstick comedy and a play on puns and cliches across culturalContinue reading “The Dictator”